Act Of God band


The band Act of God was based in Perm in 2001. In 2003, Rock-Line studio recorded the first EP album ´...For Demon´ (Oupiric Prod). Lively concert activities (Moscow, St-Petersburg, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl) brought a large return among Russian metal underground. The band´s sound becomes different, new material is heavier and faster than the first one. In 2005, the band released its very brave album ´The Place of Worship´ (Musica Prod. 2005), which has no copies. It´s a kind of death/black metal and female opera vocal. The lyrics are overfilled with Satanism and hatred. The album was welcomed not at once but got a lot of positive reviews. The band continues with its activity in Russia, takes part in the range of outstanding international festivals: Tattoo Metal Fest in St-Petersburg, Metal Heads Mission in Ukraine, etc. In 2005, Act Of God joined the Russian movement Metal Spirit Ressurection which united several leading native metal bands. Within 2005 and 2007 in MSR, the band had played concerts more over 40 cities of Russia and Ukraine. In 2007, the label MSR releases a mini album ´Life Denied´. Three tracks in this mini album are more extreme, technical and death metal growl makes the listening easier. The lyrics of this EP opens the themes of war, death and religious extremism. Within its existence, Act of God has a song with Apokefale, Rotting Christ, Tartharia, Hate, Little Dead Bertha, Atoll Nerat, Napalm Death, Sinful and many others.
In February 2010, Act of God recorded the new album ´Kaosism´at Studio-X (Poland) produced by Szymon Czech. The album was released again by Metal Age Productions label in 2016.
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