Birth A.D.


Birth A.D. started their scathing crossover-thrash assault back in 2009 with the "Stillbirth of a Nation" EP, and returned angrier, hungrier, and more level-headed on their Sophomore debut "I Blame You". For those new to this band's content, Birth A.D. mixes the guitar and drum work of Slayer with S.O.D.-on-steroids lyrics delivered with a Dr. Know-esque shouting style. The band essentially takes the songs from "Stillbirth of a Nation", re-energizes them with slick production, and interlaces newer and just as aggressive material between, making for a balanced album in both quality and consistency that warrants repeated listening.
Lyrical topics range from general destruction of overall societal failure (I Blame You, Short Bus Society, Fill In The Blank, Failed State) to more personal scenarios (This Scene Sucks, Wrong Again). The members of this band have no shortage of targets, including the state of retro-current, fashion-oriented speed-metal (Mission Statement), slackers who cut corners (Parasites Die, Equal Opportunity), and overzealous patriots (Popular War) just to name a few. No doubts here that this album will offend plenty of people in its honesty, but no one can deny how the songs themselves, while very current, will probably stick with you for years and years to come, as both contemporary and eternally relevant.
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