Disinfect band


The band DISINFECT was formed spring 1999 in Ludwigsburg. It was clear that their musical direction would lie in extreme Death Metal! The music can be described as fast & brutal Death Metal in the vein of American Death Metal bands. The lyrics try to portray sociocritical thoughts as well as personal views in an extreme and provocative way. The first promo CD was made end of 1999 as a live one.
After some changes in the band because of problems in job and music the band´s end line-up was made in summer 2000 till 2003 when we had to replace the drummer. DISINFECT signed a record deal with REST IN PEACE.Rex in the end of 2000.
Summer 2001, the first official CD entitled "BEINSPENDER" was recorded in Slowakia in the Exponent Studios. This CD includes 9 songs of blasting brutal Death Metal and received many very good reviews most of the them highscore. The band was voted as best live-band 2001 in Wärchhof in Luzern/Switzerland and had to play there several times again like in whole CH! Concerts in most parts of Germany, in different European Countries (Belgium, Croatia, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland...) a lot of gigs, Festivals (DEPTH OF WINTER, MONASTIC DOOM, OBSCENE EXTREME, SKULL FUCKED, SOUL GRINDING, UP FROM THE GROUND...) and a tour with SINISTER, APOPHIS and other bands.
In January 2003 a new deal was signed with DIAMOND PRODUCTIONS from France. 2006 the label split an we´re searching for a new label. 2008 new Deal signed with Metal Age Productions and the new album "Screams of Pleasure" was released in 2009.

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