Overcharge band


Overcharge was born in Varese (North Italy) in 2012. Starting in the first years to spread its sound in Italian and European hardcore, crust, punk and metal scene. After the first S/T EP, Overcharge recorded the first album at Sopa studio (CZ) during January 2014. ˇAccelerate´was released through Unspeakable Axe Records, Dead Beat and Hellforced Records and reviewed as a debut kick to the balls sure to leave one heck of a bruise in the morning.
The band played live numerous times and during 2015 Marcio joined the band on bass & vocals; 2016 brought the band to the attention of three major European labels (AngryVoice, Metal Age, Insane Society), which joined forces to release the 2nd album of Overcharge named´Speedsick´, recorded at La Sauna (Italy) ad mastered at Audiosiege (US (Iron Reagan/Obituary), out at the end of June.
The sound is a unique blend of speed-metal ad loud-as-hell Punk, with a crusty touch in Pure R'n'R style.

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