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The band was founded in October 1995 by Martin Marincak (vocals) and Jozef "Dodi" Kosc (guitar). The first two demos (The Embarrassed (1997, Personal - 1999) opened them the door to the underground scene. In January 2001, after some personal changes, the new line-up was formed: Martin (vocals), Dodi (guitar), Marek Stasak (drums), Dano Kochanik (guitar) and Martin Kukol (bass). These five guys managed to record their two albums.

At the beginning of 2003, the debut album ´In The Garment Of Lust´ was released by the French label Perennial Quest Records.The material contains 8 new songs and 1 song "Disillusioned" (re-recorded) from the first demo. It is a brutal death metal stuff and it helped Perversity to get to the world UG. In November 2004, the second album "Words Like Poison" was released by the Slovak label Forensick Music. The CD contains 33 minutes of brutal technical death metal.

The new vocalist Juraj "Kazatel" Handzus joined the band in September 2003. In May 2004, the band has a new drummer Martin "Mystik" Horgos and the era of unholy death metal started. The band managed to support Suffocation and Vital Remains.The new guitarist Robert Vanya joined the band in July 2005. The line-up working on the next album was: Jozef Kosc (guitar), Martin Kukol (bass), Juraj Handzus (vocals), Martin Horgos (drums) and Robert Vanya (guitar). Meanwhile, the CDr ´Demos & Rarities Collection´ was created in April 2006. It contains remastered demos and a couple of live tracks.

The third album ´Beyond The Reach Of Heaven´was recorded in February/March 2007. It contains 9 tracks, 35 minutes of pure death metal music with message from Immolation or Incantation.The CD was released by the Czech label Grodhaisn Production at the beginning of 2008.

In September 2007, the new bassist Slavomir "Sly" Koval joined the band. In April 2009, the next personal change occured. Marian "Elvis" Petrik became the new guitarist. He had been the vocalist in the Slovak death metal legend Insepultus during the years 2000-2002. At that time, the line-up was: Kazatel-vocals, Dodi-guitar and backing vocals, Elvis-guitar, Sly-bass and Mystik-drums. The 15th anniversary of the band was celebrated at the concert in Presov, September 25th 2010.

At the end of March 2011, Perversity recorded their 4th album entitled ´Ablaze´in the studio Klakson in Slovakia. The hot news was the new Czech label Lavadome Productions. The official release date of the CD (1300 copies) and T-shirts with ´Ablaze´ theme was August 31 2011. The label Lavadome made a great promotion and distribution of the CD all around the underground world. The material contains 10 tracks of 34 minutes long. It is more demonic and orthodox death metal material in the discography of Perversity.

In June 2012, there is a change at the post of the drummer. The new member is Peter "Necrocyklo" Jakubí­k who played in the bands Wayd, Demonoid Virtue, Khadaver and Symetria. His musical knowledge and contribution to the development of the band seems to be very important. In summer 2012, the guitarist Elvis leaves the band and the new four-member group is created. The new concert setlist is made as well as material for the new EP.

At the end of 2013, the band enters Klakson Studio where the hot material is recorded. It contains 5 new songs and the final piano outro. The MCD is named ´Infamy Divine´ and released again by Lavadome Productions in January 7th 2014. The new material is more worked out with the best sound so far than ´Ablaze´. Together with the cover made by Mr. Jon Zig (also covers of Suffocation, Sinister and Deeds Of Flesh) the new Perversity guarantees dark, old school death metal with the message of veterans Immolation and Deicide.
In December 2013, the first gigs with a new guitarist Martin "Fetus" Calko are played. He played in the bands Amnesist, Angelic Embrace... and Impeccant.

In December 2013 the first gigs with a new guitarist Martin “Fetus“ Calko are played. He played in the bands Amnesist, Angelic Embrace... and Impeccant.

The years 2014 and 2015 are marked with gigs and making the new material. In autumn 2015 the new bass guitarist Peter "Oci" Ocipa /Killerface guitarist, ex-Grinding Jesus Brothers/ joined the band. Perversity are: Kazatel, Dodi, Peter, Fetus and Oci. The guys had a fertile year 2016. In April - June they recorded a new album ´Idolatry´ and played at Slovak summer festivals: Gothoom, Flesh Party and Ynfest. The new album contains 10 tracks of pure death metal with certain amount of dark progress. It lasts 35 minutes. In February 2017 the album will be released by the Slovak label METAL AGE PRODUCTIONS which exists many years. You can expect darkness and metal right from the heart!

In the fall of 2017, another line-up change occured. Peter Ocipa has decided to leave the band. In December 2017, the new bass player was found and his name is Samuel "Samo" Tron.

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