Resurrected is a brutal death metal Band from Germany. They formed in 1993 by Carsten Scholz (Vocals), Michael Scholz (Drums) and Thomas Granzow (Guitar). Then they started to release demos, one in 1994 called “Darkside of Reality”, another in 1995 entitled “Sinner of an Unable God” and finally a demo tape in 1996 called “The lament configuration”. This made the band hook up with Underground Promotion which took them to their 7” EP entitled “Bloodline” which the band composed heavy and alternating riffs into their brutal form of musical direction. This was also the first time the band had a bassist (Marc Deutsch) to complete the line-up. However, this didn’t go on to long and the band were back to creating demos. In their Rising of The Dead promo in 1997 got some interest from a lot of record labels which clinched the deal with German Label Eaststar Records, for a duration of three full length records. Their first fast-alternating, heavy riffing and blast drumming came in 1998 with “Raping Whores” which had outstanding reviews and began a cult following for this band in Europe. However, the three album record deal came to the end quickly as the German label fell into admission. This brought quickly to attention of Perverted Taste Records, who released two of the follow ups, one in 1999 “Faireless To The Flesh” and “Butchered In Excrement” in 2001.

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