UNEARTHLY is one of the most notorious blackened metal bands established by the end of 1998. With five full-length albums ´Infernum - Prelude to a New Reign´ 2002, ´Black Metal Commando´2003, ´Age of Chaos´ 2009, ´Flagellum Dei´ 2011 and ´The Unearthly´ 2014 the ensemble collects positive reviews about all their releases. Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew, the country´s most important heavy metal publication, gave to Unearthly´s 2 latest albums 10/10, classifying ´Age of Chaos´ as one of the 60 best albums in the history of metal in Brazil.
With a solid 16-year career, Unearthly has evolved their music into black/death metal heavily influenced by Brazilian music. The band´s name has deep roots in their native country, and is now growing in countries like Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Peru, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Russia that due to the band´s releases as well as the tours, which have visited Brazilian places like Acre and Santa Catarina, besides countries like Bolivia, Romania, Latvia, amongst many others, many of them which are not common in a band tour route. Above all things, Unearthly is a band that respects and wants to be with their fans. Wherever they are, that is where Unearthly will be.
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