LIVIDITY “Fetish For The Sick & Rejoice In Morbidity” LP

  • band: LIVIDITY
  • type: LP
  • release year: 2016


A Side:
01. Lacerations Of An Unclean Twat
02. Feasting On Mankind
03. Immortal Impact
04. Randomly Raped Rectum
05. Graveyard Delicacy
06. Pussy Lover
07. Brains For Lubrication
08. Devour Humanity
09. My Cock It Bleeds
10. Process Of Disembowelment
11. Rectal Wench (Balls Deep Version)

B Side:
12. Tampered Flesh
13. Rectal Wench
14. Fetal Scabs
15. Orifice Reconstruction



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