Lividity - Perveseverance cover art.jpg (1400x1400)
  • band: Lividity
  • type: CD/LP (Gatefold, black vinyl)
  • release year: November 30th 2018


01. Kill Then Fuck
02. Pussy Horde
03. Meat for the Beast
04. Cumming With Labial Pulp
05. Whore Destroyer
06. Bitch Cunt Fuck
07. Violated in the Vatican
08. Parasitic Infestation
09. Something´s Dead
10. Tampered Flesh
11. Pussy Lover-Salvation
12. Perverseverance


Perverseverance is the 7th full length album after nine years  of active life and playing worldwide. It finds LIVIDITY on a quest for world domination. Older, wiser, more mature… this new material has created itself as if it possessed us and there is no control over it. It´s  a music with deep impact on human mind. The stories so shocking, majestic and disturbing compositions from the first note to the last one. This will be the ultimate shock album for the masses. The fans will relate, they will understand and the LIVIDITY “culture“ will raise again. Sickness satisfaction is guaranteed! Cover artwork was made by: Daemorph Art, graphic layout by Dodo Datel (Galadriel). Special vocal appearances by: Dan Klein (Fin), Anthony Voight (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy). Recorded, mixed and mastered at Iron Hand Audio-Chicago. Engineered by Dan Klein, produced by Dan Klein and Lividity.
CD/LP versions contain an amazing new cover art work and layout. The album is available in standard black vinyl, gatefold format and CD jewel case.

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