SECTESY “In The Secretion Of Upcoming Days”

  • band: Sectesy
  • type: CD/Digital
  • release year: August 2017


01. Eaten Alive
02. Putrid Inflammation
03. Spontaneous Internal Combustion
04. Sold Baptism
05. Possessed by Passion
06. The Theatre of Torture
07. Köln City Graveyard
08. In the Vortex Eclipse


We are very proud to announce a brand new, death metal album sacred and named In the Secretion of Upcoming Days from Czech death metal masters SECTESY. The new, second album is equipped with well-structured, powerful, straightforwardly paced and melodic songs. That perceivable graveyard atmosphere shrouded around each song gives creeps to everyone who likes horror movies as cemetery is the best place where to play death metal songs. Another special ingredience to their music is humor – black like the dark realms of Hades, dry like the desert itself, ironic like the Valley of Death and sarcastic like Odin´s ravens sniffing around the crypt of the bone dry Zombie corpses. Martin´s lyrics are crawling deep into the shadows of human sins, sorrow, weakness.

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